The taxation of a company, and the resulting taxes, is one of the aspects more controlled by the Public Administration. Depending on the type of business, its geographic location, its size, its scope and sales, legal and tax requirements can vary greatly. In Gabinete Delta, our professional tax advice will facilitate the adjustment and development of the tax system of your company.

Our tax advisory service prepares and submits the following tax returns:

  • V.A.T. returns
  • I.R.P.F. (Personal Income Tax Withholdings) returns
  • Company Tax returns
  • Non-Residents’ Income Tax returns
  • The self-employed: Direct Estimate & Objective Estimate module returns
  • Returns for Transfer Tax
  • Declaration of Intracommunitary Transactions
  • Declaration of Assets Abroad
  • Declarations of Tax Office registration & deletion, modification of census data etc.

We also offer our services in the fields of:

  • Electronic notifications to companies
  • Tax Office requirements
  • Tax inspection