Set up in 1991 by Juan Miguel Naranjo Ruiz and Juan José Padilla Bonito, Gabinete Tributario Delta S.L. boasts a permanent team of economists and labour law specialists whose extensive training and experience enables them to provide companies with a comprehensive range of services in the fields of fiscal, commercial, accounting and labour consultancy.

We aim to ensure that our clients can devote full attention to their business activities by entrusting us with the administrative tasks involved in such matters as taxation and social security payments, among others.



  • Tax consultancy, including the preparation and submission of tax declarations, as well as attendance of summonses and inspections.

  • Mercantil lawl consultancy: company creation and dissolution, corporate agreement contracts, increases and reductions in capital, etc.

  • Accountancy consulting through support visits to staff responsible for company accounts.We also prepare your accounting books for those companies who do not have their own accountants.

  • Labour law consultancy, including the preparation of all labour-related paperwork (payslips, social security payments, work contracts, employee registration and release forms, etc.), as well as matters involving the Social Security Treasury and the Tax Office, work inspections, accident insurance and health and safety companies. We also provide lawyers for conciliation and tribunals.

  • Other services: we collaborate with some of the leading companies in the fields of auditing, insurance and patent and brand registration.